As an alternative to the Profi Business L package, we offer you a medium-sized starter package. In this package, you will receive a selection of products from the precious variety of ELIXOO products. So you have some products for your application and can share your experiences with your family, friends, and prospects and present the products. In addition, with this package, you have the opportunity to obtain the mach3 Saturn qualification by reaching the position Saturn.

  • 4x Callisto Spray
  • 5x Mimas Night Cream
  • 5x Deimos Day Cream
  • 4x Dione Body Lotion
  • 5x Thetys Shower Gel
  • 7x Wega Soap
  • 5x VESTA Shampoo
  • 2x IO EYE OIL

EUR 1,190.00

EUR 99.97
EUR 98.39
EUR 98.41
EUR 49.98
EUR 19.98
EUR 19.98
EUR 19.94