For everyone who has big goals!
Opt for the professional business package L if you want to get off to a good start. With this package, you benefit from enormous added value. You get the precious products in multiple versions so that you can sell them to your contacts with the highest profit. In addition, you are immediately qualified for mach3 and can build up your business professionally from the start.

  • 12x Callisto Spray
  • 17x Mimas Night Cream
  • 14x Deimos Day Cream
  • 10x Dione Body Lotion
  • 10x Thetys Shower Gel
  • 12x Wega Soap
  • 10x VESTA Shampoo
  • 3x IO EYE OIL
  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • 8x CBD OIL 1500mg (15%) Mint 30ml
  • 8x Vitashot 60ml
  • 1x Chance 22
  • 5x Cafe Colombia
  • 5x Cafe Cuba

EUR 3,808.00

EUR 99.97
EUR 98.39
EUR 98.41
EUR 49.98
EUR 19.98
EUR 19.98
EUR 19.94